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Professional Eyeglass &
Sunglass Repair
Metal & Plastic Eyeglass Frames & Hinges
"You've been to the rest, now come to the best."

Within 1 to 2 days of receiving your broken eyeglass frames, Colorado Frame Tek will have them repaired and looking better than the day you bought them. You'll get a free estimate when you send your eyeglasses to us. For more than 10 years, we've been repairing the nation's plastic and metal sunglasses and eyeglasses for very affordable prices—all repairs are $49.99 or less! We offer you overnight shipping options and a 6-month, all-inclusive warranty for your convenience. Contact us for more information on our superb eyeglass repair services. Sorry, we only repair frames.

Dear customers:
You are now able to mail your eyeglasses in for repair, and we will send them back to you. Please call to set up an arrangement.


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Call (720) 434-8804 for same-day repairs, or call (303) 761-3503 for other expert services!


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Contact us in Englewood, Colorado, for professional eyeglass repair, including hinges, on all metal and plastic eyeglass frames.

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