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Professional Eyeglass Repair
Metal & Plastic Eyeglass Frames & Hinges
"You've been to the rest, now come to the best."

Within 1 to 2 days of receiving your broken eyeglass frames, Colorado Frame Tek will have them repaired and looking better than the day you bought them. You'll get a free estimate when you send your eyeglasses to us. For more than 8 years, we've been repairing the nation's plastic and metal sunglasses and eyeglasses for very affordable prices—all repairs are $49.99 or less! We offer you overnight shipping options and a 90-day, all-inclusive warranty for your convenience. Contact us for more information on our superb eyeglass repair services. Sorry, we only repair frames.

Dear customers:
You are now able to mail your eyeglasses in for repair, and we will send them back to you. Please call to set up an arrangement.


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Call (720) 434-8804 for same-day repairs, or call (303) 761-3503 for other expert services!


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Contact us in Englewood, Colorado, for professional eyeglass repair, including hinges, on all metal and plastic eyeglass frames.

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